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A showcase of Highveld Trees.
Cabbage tree - Cussonia spicata
Common Hook Thorn - Acacia caffra
Mountain Karee - Rhus leptodictya
Ouhout - Leucosidea sericea
Wild Olive - Olea africana
Splendid Thorn - Acacia robusta
Wild Pear - Dombeya rotundifolia.

Euphorbia ingens - Candelabra tree.

Euphorbia ingens is a thickset succulent tree that grows up to 10m and resembles a cactus. It is associated with koppies where the habitat is somewhat drier. The branches all form from the central trunk giving the tree its candalabra shape. The leaves have short spines on their ridges.

Flowers in mid winter.

The white sap of Euphporbia ingens is poisonous and a drop on the skin will cause a blister and can cause blindness if contact is made with the eyes.

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