Rocky hills and ridges
Valleys and Kloofs
Gauteng is a new province in South Africa, it was formerly referred to as the PWV (Pretoria, Witwatersrand, Vereeniging) situated in the what used to be the Transvaal. Altitude ranges from 1450 - 1750m above sea level. Rainfall is about 700 - 750mm per annum falling in the summer.

The winters are dry and severely frosty. My home town is Johannesburg which is the centre of Gauteng and the economic hub around which the rest of South Africa revolves. Johannesburg has the highest population density of all the cities and is the most affected by mass urbanization.

Bankenveld - is the vegetation type of this area.

Rocky hills and ridges - See the trees found here.

Valleys and Kloofs - See the trees found here.

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