Group A - typical Kloof grouping
Group B - typical Koppie grouping
Plant trees to look natural

Group A - typical kloof grouping. The trees here are often found in the kloofs around Gauteng and are hardy enough to handle severe frost and drought conditions and offer a nice mix of evergreen and deciduous trees for a bit of foliage in winter and colour in summer. They also offer berries to attract birds throughout the year.

  • White Stinkwood - Celtis africana.
  • Dogwood - Rhamnus prinoides.
  • Common Blackcurrent - Rhus pyroides.
  • Wild Olive - Olea africana.
  • Common Hook Thorn - Acacia caffra.
  • Sweet Thorn - Acacia karoo.
  • Karee - Rhus lancea.
  • Buddleja saligna - False olive.
  • Buddleja salviifolia - Sagewood.
  • Rhus leptodictya - Mountain Karee.
  • Rhus undulata - Kuni Bush.
  • Cassinopsis ilicifolia - Spiny Cassinopsis.
  • Combretum erythrophyllum - River Bushwillow.
  • Heteromorpha trifoliata - Parsley tree.
  • Pappea capensis - Jacket Plum.
  • Ziziphus mucronata - Buffalo Thorn.

Group B - typical Koppie grouping. The trees in this grouping work better for a dry very low maintenance garden. These trees are also very frost hardy, but the look is slightly more dry and muted. Again these trees offer food and forage for birds all year round, but different birds to the grouping above. The grouping should be planted more spread out then Group A.

  • Aloe marlothii - Mountain Aloe.
  • Berchemia zeyheri - Red Ivory.
  • Buddleja saligna - False olive.
  • Cussonia paniculata - Mountain Cabbage Tree.
  • Diospyros lycoides - Bluebush.
  • Ehritia rigida - Puzzle bush.
  • Euclea crispa - Blue Guarri.
  • Maytenus heterophylla - Common Spike Thorn.
  • Maytenus polyacantha - Kraal spike thorn.
  • Rhus lancea - Karee.
  • Zanthoxylum capense - Small Knobwood.
  • Acacia nilotica - Scented Thorn.
  • Combretum Apiculatum - Red Bushwillow.
  • Dichrostachys cinerea - Kalahari Christmas Tree.
  • Grewia flava - Brandybush.

How to plant trees together so that they don't look contrived.

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