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A showcase of Highveld Trees.
Cabbage tree - Cussonia spicata
Candelabra tree - Euphorbia ingens
Common Hook Thorn - Acacia caffra
Ouhout - Leucosidea sericea
Wild Olive - Olea africana
Splendid Thorn - Acacia robusta
Wild Pear - Dombeya rotundifolia.

Mountain Karee - Rhus leptodictya.

Rhus leptodictya is a medium sized evergreen tree ±3 to 4m in height with very rough blackish brown bark. It has a rounded crown with branches that tend to droop.

The leaves are pale green the edges of which are serrated.

The fruit is small ±5mm, slightly flattened and orangy brown when mature (March to June). It is an important food source for birds in late Autumn.

Rhus leptodictya is a common, attractive, evergreen tree of the Gauteng region.

It is frost hardy once established, quite drought resistant, fairly fast growing and generally occurs in grassland, bushveld and rocky ground.

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