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A showcase of Highveld Trees.
Cabbage tree - Cussonia spicata
Candelabra tree - Euphorbia ingens
Common Hook Thorn - Acacia caffra
Mountain Karee - Rhus leptodictya
Ouhout - Leucosidea sericea
Splendid Thorn - Acacia robusta
Wild Pear - Dombeya rotundifolia.

Wild Olive - Olea africana.

Olea africana is a small to medium sized evergreen tree ±5 to 10m in height. It is often multi-stemmed and has a rounded neat crown.

The leaves are a shiny grey green on top sometimes dark green and silver-green underneath.

Flowers are greenish white very small and appear in summer.

The fruit is very olive-like but a lot smaller, ±8mm wide, more rounded and is black in colour when mature in winter.

The bark is grey or blackish brown and rough, sometimes smooth in older trees.

This tree is fast growing when young, decorative, very resistant to Cold and Drought and provides an important forage for birds in the dry Highveld winter months.

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