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A showcase of Highveld Trees.
Cabbage tree - Cussonia spicata
Candelabra tree - Euphorbia ingens
Common Hook Thorn - Acacia caffra
Mountain Karee - Rhus leptodictya
Ouhout - Leucosidea sericea
Wild Olive - Olea africana
Splendid Thorn - Acacia robusta

Wild Pear - Dombeya rotundifolia.

Dombeya rotundifolia is a small rounded deciduous tree 3 - 6m in height.
Flowers are white blossoms which appear before the leaves and completely cover the tree in early spring.

One of the first trees to bloom in spring on the Highveld, Dombeya rotundifolia puts on a spectacular show.

Dombeya rotundifolia's leaves are rounded, hard, rough and dark green. The bark is dark brown in colour and with longitudinal grooves in it.

Dombeya rotundifolia is a fairly common tree in the Northern Gauteng region, is very frost resistant and a fast grower. Well worth cultivating for its showy flowers in spring.

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